25 March 2013


Hey all! I have decided to fight against the spring fatigue and started my Saturday at 8am at a yoga class. You should know that I am the last person who would like to get up at 7am during the weekend for exercise. I wouldn't call myself the most lazy person on the earth anymore but I am still not a fan of exercise and getting up early in the morning. However, one of my friends showed me a great place to go on Saturday morning last year and I used to go quite regularly until Christmas. But due to the lack of energy, light and sleep I stopped going. With the latest sun rays I decided it's time to go back and join my friend again. I really do think this is the perfect type of class for me as there are usually 3-5 people maximum and the teachers are wonderful. They know a lot about yoga and all its pros and cons and since there are only a few participants they have enough time to show us what we're doing incorrectly and fix it. The fact that they can work well with a complete beginner like me (I don't think I will ever move from this phase :-)) and someone who is used to doing yoga 5-7 times a week is also a bonus. Me and my friend are actually trying to persuade our company management that we need yoga classes at work and would love to recommend the trainers we know from our place. Let's hope they'll understand a yoga class is a must in the office environment ;-).

And since I am back at yoga we have decided to go back to our other habit - a brunch. Yes, after most of our yoga classes we go for brunch (it's a little reward for making it to the class really :-)). This time we decided to try the Lime & Tonic experience for the first time and bought a brunch at Bella Vida Café in Prague which is only five minutes walk from our yoga class. We paid only a half the price of the regular brunch there and were really satisfied with the food. We could choose from a variety of brunch meals and opted for the English breakfast with Dammann Fréres tea, fruit and vegetable juices and a selection of tiny but delicious desserts. As an extra bonus you get the view of the riverside and the city centre's historical momunents. It's a lovely place with nice interior, even better food and very kind service. I have to admit that I am really glad we had a good experience with Lime & Tonic because I have already purchased another experience - Triple Asian Tasting Menu in Mandarin Oriental. Can't wait to try it as one of my yoga mates tried this experience twice already and plans to go back again. I believe it will be an unforgetable experience!

To finish our morning we went to see the Spring "Dyzajn" (Design) Market by the National Theatre. I have to admit that I didn't expect to see so many people, visitors nor exhibitors, because the temperature was below zero. However, there were many stalls with various products including clothes, hair accessoriess, bags, earings, necklaces, stationery and food. All were handmade and mostly designed by the sellers themselves. Markets like this are great opportunities for these creative people to show what they can do. I always envy anyone who is capable of creating new things with their own hands because I cannot do anything. I am always thrilled when I can sew a button back to its place :-).

Before I went home I stopped by in a drugstore and bought the newest addition to the mascara's world and the raved about Clump Defy mascara from Max Factor to try out, a skin tone eyeshadow 340 Ooops...Nude did it again! and a coral blush 020 Rose Royse from Catrice. Once I try them on I will let you know how I like them. I could humbly say that I will most likely love the new mascara because I already love Max Factor's Fusion one (which belongs between my favourites, to be completely honest) but let's wait and see.

I wish you a lovely Monday!

colourful kiya

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