19 February 2014


Yankee Candle Pink Lady Slipper, 354 g

"A wonderfully soft and sweet spring bouquet, reminiscent of lovely rose petals, jasmine and violets."

I love this floral scent! I am not usually keen on floral scents as I much prefer citrus essences so this was a surprise to me. Yankee Candle in Pink Lady Slipper/Escarpin Rose has a beautifully baby pink colour that you cannot appreciate from the photos as I forgot to take a picture before I used it up. Sorry!

Describing scents is not something that comes easily to me so you might as well have to live with the Yankee Candle description above as I can only describe it as a light floral scent, nothing too intense just as I like it. When you light the candle up you won't notice the fragrance at first, you have to wait several minutes until the scent slowly distributes throughout your flat and then you can enjoy the unobtrusive fragrance. As I said, the scent is not too strong and some might find it even too weak but I prefer it this way. I like my flat to smell after the candle pleasantly and I don't appreciate it to be too overwhelming.

It claims to burn for 40-50 hours which I can neither confirm nor confute. However, I can honestly say it requires countless of long evenings to burn this lovely candle down.

The only negative I found is that you cannot burn the candle down completely. As you see from the photo above there is still quite a lot of wax left and it breaks my heart I cannot use it. The wicks are that big you use them up and there is still wax left at the bottom of the tumbler below their level. It is such a shame because I can see the wax lasting for couple more hours.

If you are into floral scents that are not too sweet or heavily scented this one is for you. I can highly recommend it for the upcoming spring season.

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