26 January 2014



From one of my previous posts you know I am constantly on a hunt for 'the' lip balm. I tried various drugstore lip balms and even though I liked them they were not exactly what I was looking for. My lips are on the dry side most of the time and that is why I hardly ever wear a lipstick or any lip colour for that matter unless it's a coloured lip balm/lip butter type of product. Last year, I decided to invest in a couple of more high end and hyped products to see if they will be any different.

First up is the Dr. Lipp original nipple balm for lips which falls in the category of multipurpose balms. I am sure most of you have already tried or at least heard about this product. It is very popular in the blogosphere and also between the make up artists. It is 100% natural and as it says on the tube made of one ingredient only (Medical Grade Lanolin, in case you are interested).

It claims to be odourless but I can smell that typical scent of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Unfortunately, it is not the scent I am very fond of. The product itself is a yellow balm that comes out a bit thicker than I expected and I do not recommend using it outside in the winter as it gets even thicker and is very difficult to squeeze out of the tube.

It does stay on the lips longer than a regular lip balm but it feels too sticky for my liking. If you have chapped and dry lips like me you will not enjoy applying this due to its thick consistency. Therefore, I save this for overnight use only as I do not want to accentuate my dry lips even more. I cannot say I would be blown away by the results. To me, it feels like it just stays on the surface and does nothing in the long run and so my hunt for the perfect lip balm continues.

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